Engine's SXSW Panel Guide

Going to SXSW? Love learning about startup policy? What to do next? Head over to the SXSW’s PanelPicker to log in and vote for the panels listed below. You have until August 25th to ensure Engine's panels and other startup related panels are selected. 

Thanks in advance for your vote and your support!

Panels from the Engine Team: 

Who's Responsible for User Bad Behavior Online? http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/74264 

The Persistence of Patent Trolls in Tech: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/71729 

The PanelPicker Guide for Startup Policy: 

Automating the Workforce: Putting America to Work: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/78896 

Make America Innovative Again: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/78900 

Global Ecosystems & the Policies that Support Them: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/72724

Can Technology Save Government?: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/73741

Age of Terminator: How Do We Regulate AI?: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/78934

Tech Under Trump: A 2017/2018 Scorecard: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/73291

Modernizing NAFTA for a Tech-Centric Economy: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/76716

Hacking Back: The Ethics of Cyber Vigilantism: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/77930

Play Me, Maybe? Preventing the Death of Live Music: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/78667

Stream it Again Sam: UGC, Live & Traditional Video: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/77666

Marketplaces and the Future of Work: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/76839